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concrete resurfacing and removal

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    Concrete resurfacing & Removal

    Adelaide concrete resurfacing & removal (ACRR) located in Adelaide is dedicated to uncompromising standards of quality, craftsmanship and excellence. The ACRR team has been raising the bar in performance, aesthetics, and affordability in the resurfacing and removal industry within the Queensland, N.S.W and Adelaide region. No matter how big or small the job may be, when it’s a matter of concrete driveway repair or removal our valued customers can trust the experience and skill of our professional team.

    ACRR is the go-to name for concrete restoration and removal across Adelaide/Australia with our team using the latest tools and techniques to provide efficient and long-term solutions for both residential and commercial projects. We’ve been helping home and business owners realise that concrete no longer has to be dull, grey, cracked or un matching and boring.  Beautifying your concrete slab via various resurfacing methods and techniques is one of the most affordable yet dramatic improvement projects on the market in Adelaide today.

    Professional RESTORATION

    Why resurface or spray pave your concrete areas?

    As a concrete driveway, pool deck or walkway ages, it shows cracks, spalls, stains and other unsightly surface imperfections. South Australia has ever changing climate and weather patterns and with this comes expansion and contraction of the concrete surface causing cracking and damaged concrete sides and surfaces. In most cases, this does not indicate a structural problem with the concrete. Therefore, for a fraction of what new concrete and the removal will cost, we can repair the imperfections with our high performance repair products followed by installation of a thin flexible polymerized cementitious overlayment.

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    Essentially providing you with a decorative concrete surface that can last for many years. The process is fairly straightforward, We have designed our own flexible latex polymer cement based system, that works with all overlay systems. First, we crack repair the surface and fix all imperfections and remove all embedded stains. The concrete surface is then profiled to assure a strong bond. We hydrate the concrete to promote penetration of the polymers into the substrate. A base coat is installed followed by the 2nd, 3rd and finish coat. If any coloured staining is required, we do it at that time. Finally, we install two coats of sealer to protect the newly resurfaced concrete.

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      The benefits of decorative concrete include:

      Unlimited designs & patterns
      Quick installation
      Cost effectiveness
      Unlimited textures
      Environmentally safe
      Unlimited colour combinations
      Low maintenance & High durability

      Endless options

      When it comes to decorative concrete overlays, there are virtually endless options available. The biggest challenge for a business owner or commercial property owner is probably just trying to decide between the wide array of resurfacing products available, as well as the diverse array of decorative finishes.
      Concrete Resurfacing

      Affordable concrete resurfacing

      Looking for an affordable decorative concrete overlay to beautify your business or commercial property? Adelaide concrete resurfacing offers decorative concrete overlay, concrete polishing, concrete staining and a wide range of concrete services, including concrete repair. South Australian residents and businesses have come to trust Adelaide concrete resurfacing for their concrete needs and rely on us to do the best job, for a great price.
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      If your concrete needs to be removed and ready for reinstatement or have a small demolition job, kerb cut, core drilling hand or wall even road sawing. We at ACRR are equipped and ready for your small or large projects and will travel to all south Australian sites or properties. Floor sawing, Core drilling, soff cutting, expansion cutting, quick cutting, hand sawing, wall sawing wire sawing, wall chasing, road sawing etc no job is too big or too small, we do it all and can supply power, water and even clean all our mess and leave the premises as tidy as it was when we arrived. Our technicians can supply and install wall penetrations with the lintels and will safely assure is done with the greatest of safety and standard. There is no cutting and removal job we cannot manage, please call us to organise a no obligation free quote.
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