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If your current design is getting tired and you simply want to give your space the facelift it deserves, Resurfacing Adelaide has got you covered. Providing five-star kitchen resurfacing and bathroom renovations within Adelaide homes and businesses, we really are a household name in the local industry. Transform your bathroom with our renovation service – from gloss tiles to grout lines, we take the time to understand your needs and style preferences to leave you with a space that exceeds all expectations.

What makes our resurfacing the best choice for your home or business?

Resurfacing Adelaide’s bathroom renovations and kitchen resurfacing services are the most cost effective and efficient way of breathing new life into a dull or tired space. Kitchen benchtop resurfacing is not only more affordable than a complete refit, but is also eco-friendlier! Additionally, our high quality workmanship guarantees a quick and easy turnaround, so you can enjoy your new space in just a fraction of the time. Let Resurfacing Adelaide modernize your home’s interior in a convenient, friendly, and affordable manner.


Our superior range of resurfacing products are Low in VOC’s – Volatile Organic Compounds. When a product takes 24+ hours to cure, the volatile toxins are in your home and breathed in by your family, which can be extremely harmful. The cure time of our products is only 2 to 4 hours with 4H hardness. No other resurfacing product available can match this. Our products are from Napco Ltd and they are the only bathroom and kitchen products of their kind to receive the approval for the new USA EPA Clean Air Regulations. In addition to our Low VOC products, we use extractor fans to remove the fumes while spraying.

PolyGlass™ Polyurethane is an amazing surface which is harder than acrylic and enamel, and is resilient to cracking during expansion and contraction from temperature fluctuations. It also has excellent stain resistance and colour retention. Unlike epoxy enamels and motor vehicle materials which are used by many of our competitors, our product will not crack or yellow over time. We offer a 5-10 year written warranty with all of our work, so you can rest assured the products we use are of the highest industry standards.


Our Family Team




Having been self-employed for close to 20 years I have a strong work ethic and a desire to provide quality work that I am proud of. Customer service and satisfaction is extremely important to me.
A lot of hard work and effort has gone into establishing Resurfacing Adelaide and I am lucky to be involved in an industry with the increasing demand. Having started out working by myself I am now able to provide employment to two young men.



Brenton is my step-son who after finishing year 12 was unsure what he could do for a career. I suggested he help with my heavy workload and see what happens. He now works full-time, really enjoys his work and has shown a very strong ability to complete all tasks in this business.
Also he is very polite and respectful (thanks to his mum). This is what a customer recently said: ‘ I just wanted to say a big thank you! Brenton was great and he’s so polite. I was so nervous about this whole process, but his demeanour made me feel more comfortable.



Ben has been a close family friend for almost 10 years, he is extremely honest, hardworking and takes great pride in his work. He started out part-time helping with prep work and has now progressed to full-time and is able to complete all tasks to a very high standard.
I receive many complimentary words form customers about Ben. This is what one said recently: ‘Just wanted to let you know I’m very impressed with Ben, a lovely young man, very polite and professional, an excellent asset to your company.

See Why We Are The Best

Extremely Professional

Resurfacing Adelaide is committed to providing our customers with the highest standard of business, in both service and product finish. We pride ourselves on our punctuality and business culture, and will do everything we can to provide our customers with the standard of service that they simply could not find anywhere else.

Stress-Free Experience

We take great pride in our customer care and individualised service, and genuinely want to see you enjoy your newly resurfaced space. Our services are time efficient and cost effective, so you don’t have to worry about being inconvenienced and out of pocket!

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